Toby born 18/1/13

Hello Sharlene and Dave.
We have been meaning to send you some pictures for a long time but just never seemed to get around to it.
It is now about 4 months since you guys dropped Toby off to us and how the time flies. We have looked at some pics of Toby when we first got him and we can't believe it, he is just a totally different dog now.
First of all we would just like to say thank you for breeding such lovely dogs. Toby is the most friendly, placid, quiet, lovely, dog an owner could ever ask for. He is the best addition to our new house and we are so happy to have him. He gets lots of attention from other people when we are out walking him in the local parks, everyone just loves him. And of course he gets never ending attention at home too.
One of the main reasons we chose to get our puppy from Asterby was because of your statement that you breed for placid, family friendly dogs. You can't believe everything you read on the internet but clearly you do have an excellent breeding program because, in Toby, that is exactly what we got. He has a wonderful, friendly personality. He just loves being around people, loves his walks and runs out in the parks and by the creek and loves to play with his toys outside. By the same token, he is very happy to lie at our feet while we sit on the lounge, and is even something of a lap dog, especially in the cold winter weather. In fact he has just climbed up on Dani's lap and fallen asleep as I type this!!
He is also fantastic around other dogs. He is inquisitive and very friendly and all he wants to do with other dogs is play. He displays no sign of aggression at all. He is also great with kids. A little boisterous of course but hes is gentle and the kids in the street love him. Unfortunately our nieces are scared of him but we are working on them and they are getting better.
He seems to cope well with being left at home when we are out. He is a very quiet dog, which we love!! We very rarely hear him bark, only if something has scared him. Our neighbours have commented that they forget that he is even there.  He has unfortunately developed a liking for digging holes in the lawn. A little annoying but he has not been too bad so far. We are trying to focus him on one area where he is allowed to dig and doing our best to keep him occupied with other things. His only other bad point is that he LOVES to chew ......... anything he can get his mouth on!! Again, he hasn't really damaged anything significant and hopefully this will settle in time.
He is training well. Quite obedient most of the time, just not when there are people or dogs nearby......then he is off to play!! But he is improving all the time. He has been desexed 10 days ago so hopefully this will see him improve further in that regard.
Thanks again for providing such a wonderful addition to our family. We can't imagine life without him now. Numerous people have asked us where we got him and we always recommend you guys when people ask about breeders. Don't be surprised if you get more enquiries from people in Engadine!!

Frankie born 3/12/11

31/1/12   Hello Sharlene, Lele here. Just a little email to say we are all home safe and sound. Frankie was an angel the whole drive, we were both very surprised by how chilled she was, she slept most of the journey. She seems to like her new home. She has snuggled into her new soft bed and is rolling on her back making funny puppy sounds as I type after wandering around and checking out her new pad, we think she may like this new bed to rest up for the night:) We will send you some photos over soon too, thank you again for your time and care for the beautiful Frankie x

1/3/12   She is so good ' slept till 4pm ( I didn't sleep a wink' fretting) x

2/2/12  We all slept great last night 9 - 5am ,
frankie seems intrigued by the ocean and the surfers '
she is eating with great appetite and wee'ing n poo'ing with gusto ( nicely formed )
We go to the vet on saturday 11am
xx rick

4/2/12   All good @ the vet today'
Weight 5kg
X rick

11/2/12   Here is ' miss bondi frankie ' she is soo amazing x
I took her to my yoga class whilst I taught this morning .
she was just incredible , so smart '
she sat next to me at the front of the class ( 34 students )
then lay down and slept for 1 1/2 hr while we all practiced
even chanting loudly to end class ,, her ears merely pricked up ...
such a beautiful pup everyone loves .
I ve her now on a base of organic brown rice , pumpkin,
sweet potato, silver beet ,/ veggies , + roo/beef meat ..
xxxx rick3/3/12   Whilst out walking around Bondi ' many people seem to stop us and ask if we have a yard or garden? " TOTALLY " is my answer ,,,, WE'RE STANDING IN IT ! "
In Actual fact myself and Frankie live ( sleep ) in a 60 sqm apartment , no yard , no balcony - but a nice ocean view !
Franks has yet to see dolphins and whales , but as she likes, upon waking, to look out of the window , it is only a matter of time .
Since the day I bought Frankie home she has been so perfect in every way .
she never barks - maybe a little yap now n again before giving me a big lick '
Toilet trained on newspaper 95% of the time ,, odd mistake here and there - I try to tell her the rugs are expensive , from persia no less ! I receive another lick .
Franks is a very happy , healthy , contented puppy
maybe because She is NEVER locked up and left ALONE .
maybe because she socialises everyday with every other kind of dog imaginable ' sometimes 10 - 20 a day .
maybe because everyone from babies, children to old diggers to super models get to hug + belly rub her daily .
maybe just cause she absolutely knows we all love her sooo much

So as one can see ' its not how big ones house , farm , apartment , yard is' that actually matters ...
xxx rick n frankie

Duke born 17/10/2011

My partner Jeremy and I adopted our very handsome and cheeky boy Duke from Sharlene and Dave in December 2011. Duke is the sweetest and happiest dog I have ever met - he just loves being around us all the time, loves to go walking, loves to go swimming, loves to play with his toys but most of all, loves to play with his best friend Lucy (our 3 year old Cavalier). They have become the closest friends and are now inseparable. The best decision we made was adopting a puppy from Sharlene and Dave, they were so communicative throughout the whole process - even allowed us to come and see all the puppies on their property when Duke was only 5 weeks old. If you are looking for a real companion dog, you couldn't go past a beautiful Asterby puppy. Everyone we meet comments on how stunning and well behaved and friendly Duke is. If your looking for a family dog, Duke has started to socialise with kids lately and he has never jumped up on them even though he's so excited to meet them, he will always just sit in front of them and allow the kids to pat him. I couldn't recommend an Asterby puppy more highly. smile

Cody born 12/12/10

Cody born 12/12/10 22 November 2012 Cody has been a member of our family of five for almost two years. He is the proud puppy of Vonney & Woody. Sharlene is so genuinely caring, honest, dedicated and excited about her dogs. When Cody arrived at our house we all immediately fell in love with him and after three hours he was trained to sit, shake, drop and roll. Sharlene’s puppies are very clever! We are all so proud of our amazing, intelligent handsome young pup. Sharleen was always only a phone call away willing to offer advice and support for our new addition. Cody is so adorable and this is largely due to the approach in which Asterby dogs are bred and cared for as pups. Cody liked to dig as a pup and we have had to live with the fact that our once pristine back lawn and beautifully presented garden beds would be no longer that way, well at least for a few more years.  He loves the company of humans and will always say hello with a lick or two hundred! He loves his runs and walks and has many outings to the dog park to play. My recommendation is you will be very lucky indeed if you choose an Asterby puppy.  Jackie Reilly

Bailey born 20/9/2010

20th May 2012
Hi Sharlene

I would like to thank you for Bailey - the last couple of days I have been sick and he has been by my side all the time looking out for me. Bailey is now 20 months old and he has the sweetest nature of any dog I have had. He is very adaptable, fits in with anything that I am doing. He does like his walks but he also like to lie around and do nothing if that suits me.

I am training Bailey to put his toys back into his toy box so far it is working but sometimes he slips up a bit. He has his own bed in the lounge room but he sleeps anywhere that he finds comfortable. Bailey loves his bath - I get him hydrobath every two weeks and he loves it. He is the perfect dog, very good looking and a great companion. He loves to be cuddled and he is a mummy's boy.

The little dog next door - Hallie comes and stays something when her owner goes away, they just love each others company.

Lots of love

Debbie and Bailey

Frankie born 3/12/2011