Toby born 18/1/13

Hello Sharlene and Dave.
We have been meaning to send you some pictures for a long time but just never seemed to get around to it.
It is now about 4 months since you guys dropped Toby off to us and how the time flies. We have looked at some pics of Toby when we first got him and we can't believe it, he is just a totally different dog now.
First of all we would just like to say thank you for breeding such lovely dogs. Toby is the most friendly, placid, quiet, lovely, dog an owner could ever ask for. He is the best addition to our new house and we are so happy to have him. He gets lots of attention from other people when we are out walking him in the local parks, everyone just loves him. And of course he gets never ending attention at home too.
One of the main reasons we chose to get our puppy from Asterby was because of your statement that you breed for placid, family friendly dogs. You can't believe everything you read on the internet but clearly you do have an excellent breeding program because, in Toby, that is exactly what we got. He has a wonderful, friendly personality. He just loves being around people, loves his walks and runs out in the parks and by the creek and loves to play with his toys outside. By the same token, he is very happy to lie at our feet while we sit on the lounge, and is even something of a lap dog, especially in the cold winter weather. In fact he has just climbed up on Dani's lap and fallen asleep as I type this!!
He is also fantastic around other dogs. He is inquisitive and very friendly and all he wants to do with other dogs is play. He displays no sign of aggression at all. He is also great with kids. A little boisterous of course but hes is gentle and the kids in the street love him. Unfortunately our nieces are scared of him but we are working on them and they are getting better.
He seems to cope well with being left at home when we are out. He is a very quiet dog, which we love!! We very rarely hear him bark, only if something has scared him. Our neighbours have commented that they forget that he is even there.  He has unfortunately developed a liking for digging holes in the lawn. A little annoying but he has not been too bad so far. We are trying to focus him on one area where he is allowed to dig and doing our best to keep him occupied with other things. His only other bad point is that he LOVES to chew ......... anything he can get his mouth on!! Again, he hasn't really damaged anything significant and hopefully this will settle in time.
He is training well. Quite obedient most of the time, just not when there are people or dogs nearby......then he is off to play!! But he is improving all the time. He has been desexed 10 days ago so hopefully this will see him improve further in that regard.
Thanks again for providing such a wonderful addition to our family. We can't imagine life without him now. Numerous people have asked us where we got him and we always recommend you guys when people ask about breeders. Don't be surprised if you get more enquiries from people in Engadine!!

Duke born 17/10/2011

My partner Jeremy and I adopted our very handsome and cheeky boy Duke from Sharlene and Dave in December 2011. Duke is the sweetest and happiest dog I have ever met - he just loves being around us all the time, loves to go walking, loves to go swimming, loves to play with his toys but most of all, loves to play with his best friend Lucy (our 3 year old Cavalier). They have become the closest friends and are now inseparable. The best decision we made was adopting a puppy from Sharlene and Dave, they were so communicative throughout the whole process - even allowed us to come and see all the puppies on their property when Duke was only 5 weeks old. If you are looking for a real companion dog, you couldn't go past a beautiful Asterby puppy. Everyone we meet comments on how stunning and well behaved and friendly Duke is. If your looking for a family dog, Duke has started to socialise with kids lately and he has never jumped up on them even though he's so excited to meet them, he will always just sit in front of them and allow the kids to pat him. I couldn't recommend an Asterby puppy more highly. smile

Cody born 12/12/10

Cody born 12/12/10 22 November 2012 Cody has been a member of our family of five for almost two years. He is the proud puppy of Vonney & Woody. Sharlene is so genuinely caring, honest, dedicated and excited about her dogs. When Cody arrived at our house we all immediately fell in love with him and after three hours he was trained to sit, shake, drop and roll. Sharlene’s puppies are very clever! We are all so proud of our amazing, intelligent handsome young pup. Sharleen was always only a phone call away willing to offer advice and support for our new addition. Cody is so adorable and this is largely due to the approach in which Asterby dogs are bred and cared for as pups. Cody liked to dig as a pup and we have had to live with the fact that our once pristine back lawn and beautifully presented garden beds would be no longer that way, well at least for a few more years.  He loves the company of humans and will always say hello with a lick or two hundred! He loves his runs and walks and has many outings to the dog park to play. My recommendation is you will be very lucky indeed if you choose an Asterby puppy.  Jackie Reilly

Bailey born 20/9/2010

20th May 2012
Hi Sharlene

I would like to thank you for Bailey - the last couple of days I have been sick and he has been by my side all the time looking out for me. Bailey is now 20 months old and he has the sweetest nature of any dog I have had. He is very adaptable, fits in with anything that I am doing. He does like his walks but he also like to lie around and do nothing if that suits me.

I am training Bailey to put his toys back into his toy box so far it is working but sometimes he slips up a bit. He has his own bed in the lounge room but he sleeps anywhere that he finds comfortable. Bailey loves his bath - I get him hydrobath every two weeks and he loves it. He is the perfect dog, very good looking and a great companion. He loves to be cuddled and he is a mummy's boy.

The little dog next door - Hallie comes and stays something when her owner goes away, they just love each others company.

Lots of love

Debbie and Bailey

Frankie born 3/12/2011

3rd March 2012

Whilst out walking around Bondi ' many people seem to stop us and ask if we have a yard or garden? " TOTALLY " is my answer ,,,, WE'RE STANDING IN IT ! "

In Actual fact myself and Frankie live ( sleep ) in a 60 sqm apartment , no yard , no balcony - but a nice ocean view !
Franks has yet to see dolphins and whales , but as she likes, upon waking, to look out of the window , it is only a matter of time .

Since the day I bought Frankie home she has been so perfect in every way .
she never barks - maybe a little yap now n again before giving me a big lick '
Toilet trained on newspaper 95% of the time ,, odd mistake here and there - I try to tell her the rugs are expensive , from persia no less ! I receive another lick .
Franks is a very happy , healthy , contented puppy
maybe because She is NEVER locked up and left ALONE .
maybe because she socialises everyday with every other kind of dog imaginable ' sometimes 10 - 20 a day .
maybe because everyone from babies, children to old diggers to super models get to hug + belly rub her daily .
maybe just cause she absolutely knows we all love her sooo much

So as one can see ' its not how big ones house , farm , apartment , yard is' that actually matters ...
xxx rick n frankie

Kobe born 17/10/11

18th Jan 2012
Hi Sharlene,

Luke has been telling me how he's been meaning to email you so I thought I'd do it while he's at soccer.
Kobe has been doing well, growing very fast- putting on about 1kg a fortnight. Last night he weighed about 6.1kg at puppy school. Last night was his second puppy school class and he is doing really well (he's definitely smarter than the other pups bless them haha) but we expected that. At about 9 weeks Luke already had him sitting, shaking hands, laying down and rolling over!

He's doing well at home also. The owner of our house, Pam, who lives upstairs has fallen in love with him and he's become quite the celebrity in our street with people bringing their kids to visit him and giving him gifts. He had a few great escapes this week- didn't get too far just hanging around the driveway and koi pond out the front watching the fish. Pam spotted him and put him back down the back and we've solved the problem now. He's very close to being toilet trained as well, he has never once pooed in the house and hasn't weed for about a week now. As long as we keep the doors open he takes himself outside if he needs to go.

At night he sleeps in his bed in his crate in our en-suite where he can see us, but we hardly hear a peep out of him until about 9-9.30 in the morning when he needs to go to the toilet.
He is very playful but a bit bitey, which we are hoping he will grow out of. He is also spoiled rotten with toys to keep him occupied. We check him everyday for ticks as we did find one on him a few weeks ago but nothing since. We've started using Advantix now so hopefully that's doing its part.

Today we took Kobe to the beach and he had a play and swim in the lagoon which is a good sign as Luke was hoping he'd love the water. He also made friends with another beautiful Collie. He did bring half the beach home with him though so I have just given him a bath which he hates! He's not too bad when I brush him though apart from wanting to chew the brush.

We are taking plenty of pictures all the time, some of which I will upload here but if you would also like to add me on facebook I upload them all on there along with some videos.
Thank you again for our wonderful puppy and I hope you enjoy the photos!

Nadine & Luke

31st Jan 2011
Hey Sharlene,

It's Luke this time, finally got a week off from work and the puppy is sleeping :) haha

Kobe is just the best dog. He's so super smart and hasn't been to naughty actually. There's not alot he can destroy which is probably a good thing haha. Nadine and I take him to Wambi almost everyday and he loves it. You've seen the pictures of him and his little 9 month old girlfriend Abby, they see each other and ignore other dogs just to play with each other.

I've been really impressed with his learning curve for his training. Obviously the main 2 things i'm concerned with him learning are stay and come and both he is making solid progress every day. I'm trying to get him exposed to as many things as possible so he is comfortable with everything in life. I am so happy he is a water dog as Benji hated the water so it is nice to have him really begin to enjoy it. He's already not minding being in the surf and as he gets a little more weight on him I'm sure he'll enjoy it even more. He also loves the car which is really handy, loving to put his head out of the window which funnily enough is such a typical dog thing that I've always wanted to have a dog that did since Benji was so timid he just wanted to be on someones lap the whole car trip. Kobe immediately didn't make a fuss about getting put in the back seat and often just lays down in the back its fantastic.

I've been still getting on your website weekly to check the new puppies. They are all so cute and Thor especially. If I had the money I would snap him up straight away limp or no limp I think he's super special and after seeing Abby at the beach and her beautiful wheaten redish coat and how her and Kobe have so much fun together makes me want to invest haha.

I saw Brent's dad the other day and was meaning to give him a bell so I could get the puppies together. I see photo's of Rocko all the time on facebook. Apparently he's just getting huge.

Definitely next time your down please pop in and come and say hello. Kobe is such a sook and wants attention of everyone its really good he's super social.

Anyway will keep you posted and keep checking Nadine's facebook as she's obsessed with taking constant photos of him which is good as its a great record of him growing and changing.

Will definitely talk soon. x



Ruby Willow born 30/6/2011


Hi Sharlene and Dave

We just wanted to let you know that Ruby Willow is an absolute delight and we are so glad that we came to Asterby for a Border Collie. She’s perfect. Not only is she the prettiest puppy I’ve ever seen but she’s so sweet and smart. She has us all wrapped around her little paw.

Ruby is such a content and well grounded little pup, she settled right into the family routine from day 1. She understood what the newspaper ‘toilet’ was for and she was using it 100% of the time after only two days. We were amazed at the maturity of this tiny, furry ball who would break from a game with the kids and run over to her paper, do her business and run back to play again.

Thank you for breeding such beautiful babies. Her temperament is spot on for a lovely family pet. She loves cuddles and I can tell that you gave her a lot of affection and love before she came to us. (She’s fallen asleep on my feet as I write this).

We will definitely keep in touch.

Kind regards, Kylie and family

Aster born 20/9/10


You asked me to write a "little something" about my beautiful girl " Aster". As you are aware Aster gets her name from your kennel - Asterby border collies. I remember the day she was born and I was so excited that I even went up to Bundarra and visited you on your property when she was only 2 weeks old! She is amazing!
The clear, caring and professional nature of you both are apparent when choosing and organising the new member of your family. You are always there to get advice from or to answer any question that I have had.
Aster is such an amazing little girl. From her young age she always folded her two front legs, just like the lady she really is. From having other dogs, you can really tell a well bred dog that has come from a loving home. Aster is part of that group. She rarely barks and when does- its something that either irriatates her or frightens her! - she just growls (her way)...
Everyone loves her, we can't go for walks without being stopped and asked - "where did you get her from" - I just reply " Asterby Border Collies at Bundarra, they love their dogs and they breed them well".
Well my girl is now 10 months old, time has flown. She is a real looker!
Thank you both, for breeding such a beautiful well mannered dog, who is loved by all. I would thoroughly recommend your puppies to any good home .

Harry born 3/5/10

10th November 2010

Hi Sharlene,

I hope this finds you well. Now seems as good a time as any to give you an update on our precious little boy. Harry is doing really well and is such a sweet tempered boy. Everyone at the park loves him. They’ve threatened to dog-nap him many times :P. He gets up to mischief often – eating things he shouldn’t, rolling in things he shouldn’t etc, but other than that, he is absolutely perfect. He loves his 2 walks a day, where he gets to chase the ball and play with the other doggies. He’s always up for a good cuddle and loves to dish out kisses. I’m mostly surprised by how quiet he is. He doesn’t bark or carry on when people or cars go by the house, I sincerely hope this trait continues, because we live very close to our neighbours and they are quiet-loving people! He gets into bed every night at the same time, and he usually likes to go to bed with a soft toy. Georgie will be pleased to know that he still sleeps with her blanket (the black and white one with the paw prints).

We take Harry everywhere, and lately our holidays have been decided by whether the place is pet friendly. We went to a lovely spot down south, where Harry saw horses and the ocean for the first time. He wasn’t too brave with the waves but at least he got it! There are some priceless photos of him running away. I’ve attached some photos for you of Harry’s progress since he came home with us four months ago. Some you may have seen, but they are so adorable, I couldn’t leave them out.

I really must write a proper testimonial for you because I am so impressed by your dedication to your dogs and to the puppies. I know you must be really busy, but I’m glad you’ve had a chance to update your website. I love seeing photos of your family, the farm and the new doggies that have come and gone.

I hope you enjoy the photos of Harry. Come for a cup of coffee if you’re ever in the heart of Sydney. I’m sure Harry would love to see you too. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Jixa born 3/5/2010 & Ella born 18/7/10

3rd August 2010
Hi Sharlene

Thank you so much for the photos, I am so excitied, I can't wait to meet Ella. She is so cute. I am glad to hear she has a nice relaxed nature, she might temper me a little bit! Lol.

I am so lucky with you letting Steve and I have her, I just feel bad like I should be doing more or something. I bought Ella a bunch of toys and a bed and stuff on the weekend. Funny when Steve was buying things so far in advance, I was like, you have weeks and now I am doing it too! :)

Don't know if you have spoken to Steve in the last few days, but Jixa is doing so well, she is the star of her puppy class and apparently the trainer (who is also a vet nurse) is really impressed with her. God I hope I can do as well with Ella!

Anyway I think Jixa might be destroying something on my balcony, Steve has gone to bed, so I guess I better go check it out.

Thanks again for the photos.

15th October 2010
Having found Asterby Border Collies on the internet and ringing Sharlene and speaking with her I knew her border collies were the kinda dog I was after. I knew this because of the knowledge she has of her dogs and the care and passion she has for them. Ever since picking up my girl from Dave in which they delivered to me i could not be happier with my dog, she is a great dog and has the best temperment. Not only giving me the best dog, Sharlene and Dave have been there everytime I have need some assistance with my dog. My Jixa ( my dog ) is a very family orientated dog and is very happy sitting at my feet watching tv with me and just as happy going out for a walk, for a border collie I was really expecting a lot more active dog but i am very very pleased with her, she is so loyal and such a loving dog with a great personality. We were that impressed with Asterby border collies we ordered another one and the 2 dogs together are just perfect. Again i cant say a bad word about the second dog either, she has a great temperament and is just a fantastic pet. I have no hesitations in recommending Asterby Border Collies to anyone that is interested in getting a dog. Getting a Border Collie from these people will be the best decision you can make you will definately will not regret it. If you wish to contact me and ask me any questions Sharlene and Dave have my mobile number and my email address so feel free to ask. Again i cant stress enough how fantastic these dogs are you will not regret so just dont look any further order 1 now!!
Talk soon

Rosie born 07/01/2010

Hi Sharlene

Sorry for just getting back to you our computer has been on the blink. Thought you might like an update on our treasure.

Rosie is so cute and very spoilt but very well behaved. She has been taught to sit, were working on stay, getting walked every day and doing really well with the lead. She has running races with the kids every afternoon which is just hilarious but she loves it, the more people around the better she is very social. Everyone she meets falls in love with her just like we have. She is very much the routine dog, she knows what time she is allowed inside and loves it, she actually lays on the lounge like she owns it i know she shouldn't but hey its just to cute.

Having trouble one getting photos of her as she does'nt stay still long enough, we have a couple but for some reason my camera is playing up and won't let me down load them, but i haven't given up i will keep tryin.

Ill send the photos as soon as i get them off. If you would ever like to see her just give us a call if your in town and call up for a cuppa.

Ripley born 04/07/2009

5th October 2009
Hi Shar, Thought I would fill you in on our Ripley!!!
Ripley slept inside for 3 nights at first and then went outside to his Kennel/Mansion.

He is the most gorgeous dog in the world!!
He doesnt bark at night even with our Motel guests walking by at all hours and car doors slamming.
He doesnt nip the kids, bark crazily or get out of control- at all.

He loves the beach and chasing the waves and has learnt not to drink salt water!!
He does sit,shake hands, bring the ball back and cuddle very well!!
He does sit at the bottom of the kids bunks waiting for them to wake up!!
He loves chicken breast left overs a (little too much) and pigs ears.........
He does like to eat my pot plants which is where I took this photo of him this morning up on my table
like he is meant to be there!!!!
We all just adore him, his temperament is just unbelievable!!!!! I have 2 friends who will be emailing you to put their names down with you.
He is a huge hit at pre school and school and loves all the attention.
We walk the kids to schooland I tie him to the pre school gate and he doesnt struggle or carry on, just waits patiently for me.
Walking on the lead is a pleasure.

So, Thankyou once again, we are just loving every minute of him!!!
26th January 2010
Hi Sharlene,
Happy New Year!!
We are still soooooo in love with Ripley and he is part human now!
Very well behaved and sooo loving! We have the new baby now and they are equal in our house!!!
We had a near disaster over Christmas with Rip getting a tick. We did not know what was wrong and he wasnt moving at all- only
throwing up and his paws were turned under. So frightening.
He spent 3 days at the vets over Christmas and he recovered well. We need to fatten him up alittle after that episode.

We do have 1 problem with him.... he wont get out of the pool and at any given chance he will dive in and swim round and round!
Its very funny to watch- not so funny to stop.

Yesterday he got into our shed and decided that pink paint was a good idea! He looks like a punk rocker! Pink paws and neck!
I did say that he was very well beahved and he really is, just sometimes he breaks out!!!!!

Thankyou again for our baby !!! Hope all your new editions are going well.

Widdy born 22/06/2009

29th September 2009
Hi Sharlene & family, hope you're all well.
Widdy is getting more personality each day, the cats are company for her but i think she would prefer another dog, the cats are a bit aloof. Each time we leave our friends place, who have 3 dogs, she wimpers and howls as though she's telling us not to leave, it only goes on for a little while but it's quite extordinary. She's getting a bit lancky as she's growing, you know that awkward stage and boy all she wants to do is play and play and play, she's a bit funny with eating (and prefers to play)and tips the bowl over and prefers to eat off the floor, she even puts her paw into the drinking water before she drinks, crazy dog. She hasn't got a great appetite, infact sometimes I worry about how little she eats, but she seems to be healthy enough.
Widdy has taught us to open the door for her when she wants to go out, she has also taught us to put her in the back seat, not the back of the car when we go out for a drive, she's trained me well to play with her and loves to play catch the ball, she vocalises quite a bit, not barking but a funny grrrph and a sort of howl when she wants something and when she's sick of doing the tricks we've taught her, it's as though she's telling us " for goodness sake enoughs enough". She loves to socialise and goes everywhere with us and just loves everyone we meet, everybody's her friend. And by the way she's loves getting dirty and wet in the pond we have....hmmmmm.
The best experience is when she wakes up in the morning (6am) and gives me a gentle nudge to lift her onto the bed, and then she plays of course but sometimes just sometimes she just goes to the end of the bed and catches up on sleeps, loverly.
We've decided not to continue with puppy training, (I thought we best leave before we're told to go, she plays up a bit and the other humans, don't seem to like it much, silly humans) I thought at first it would be more socialising for the puppies, but they seem to concentrate on training and really, in all honesty 10 puppies 3mths old altogether in a small room and you try to get them to listen, especially Widdy, she's there to play only, they don't even go outside for a rumble. So I've decided to wait till she's a little older, anyway she interacts with quite a few dogs as it is, so I don't think she's missing out on the socialising aspect of it.
By the way when Widdy is tired she takes herself off to our bedroom and has a little sleep on her bed, isn't that cute.
I still haven't taught myself how to put pictures onto facebook, we're going to Canberra for a few days this weekend (with Widdy) possibly my niece will teach me, they have 4 dogs 1 being a 12 mth old German Shepherd and also a bit crazy, and a cattery with lots of cats, boy are we going to have some fun this weekend. Widdy will really howl when we leave this place.

Talk to you soon
kindest regards
from two contented Border Collie owners

Shiloh born 22/06/2009

11th January 2010
hi sharlene
here are a few photos of shi, she had just had a bath and went into an old pond we have, she was quite proud of herself for getting so dirty, is getting so much bigger will get some more recent ones for you ,how did you go with the fires? hope everything is alright. will you be breeding from the same parents again? She has the most beautiful nature The days I dont work she never leaves me I have never had a dog that was just mine , all our others have been family dogs but she still plays with the kids but anything I ask her to do she does....
Thanks Debbie

Rico born 30/07/2008

December 2008
Hi Guys! Hows it going?
Its been a while since we've been in contact so we thought we'd drop a line and catch up.... let you know how things are going and update you on Rico and ourselves....
So for starters there are some pictures we sent along with this letter for you guys to have.... Rico is such a gorgeous boy!
Rico's great! he's so friendly and well mannered and he loves to play, with people, toys and especially other dogs! He does have his moments when he misbehaves.... but then again , so does my neice!
He's an awesome dog and we must admit that he is a little spoilt but sometimes it's so hard not to!
We've had so much great feedback about him off family and friends!  Everyone who meets him falls in love with him! Though it's amazing how few people have ever seen a Border Collie his colour.(Red) One of the first questions people ask is what kind of dog he is... It's great being able to share and show him to family and friends, he's just so Loveable!
Well we know it's a brief letter but we hope to meet up in person soon and all catch up, we'll have to organise something -
Enjoy the pics, hope to see you soon!