Holly and Ginger's big adventure: A tale of two tails!

We are Holly and Ginger, two Asterby sisters born on the 22nd of May, 2013, daughters of Kale and Saphire. 

This is our story, told through our eyes. 

Follow us here as we share regular updates on our amazing journey through life together with our devoted humans.



After a long journey from Northern NSW, we arrived at our new home in Wollongong and are greeted with much excitement and love by our humans. Holly: "I will miss Sharlene, she has been such a good Mum, but thankfully it looks like I am going to get lots of cuddles with my new humans. I think I'll wag my tail.." Ginger: "Hmmm... I think this place will be OK... not sure though... yes, there is lots of grass for me to play on, but before I get excited I will sit and watch for a while to see what happens. I will reserve tail wagging until I have made a full assessment".


It's been a great couple of days since we arrived, we've settled in and we love exploring our big yard, so many new things to see and do! Ginger: "Quietly follow me to the back corner Holly, don't let our humans see us, and help me figure out what this flower tastes like, does it remind you of blueberry?" Holly: "This was your idea Ginger and I'm the one who got busted!"


Breakfast time at our place consists of mince and 'complete mix', followed by tummy rubs from our humans. Holly: "There's that camera again, I wish the papparazzi would let us eat breakfast in peace!" Ginger: "Don't pay any attention Holly, just do what I do when there is food to eat and pretend they are not there".


Some days are just tougher than others... Holly: "These pillows are so soft, I don't think I could be any more relaxed" Ginger: "I bet we look like a two headed dog! Oh well, I'm comfy and warm, that's the main thing. Stay still Holly, and fall asleep".


The back deck is where we spend a lot of time relaxing, it's a great place to catch some sun and receive pats from our humans. Holly: "Ginger, must you copy my every move? I know we are sisters but this is ridiculous!" Ginger: "Holly, I was going to say the same about you!"


It's Fathers Day and our human cousins are at our place to celebrate for the weekend; we have played and cuddled with them for hours.
Holly: "Ginger - you have a green tongue. Green's not a good colour for red heads!" Ginger: " I know Holly, they say that red and green should never should be seen without a colour in between, but this ice block is delicious and I don't care. By the way, you have a green tongue too, Holly..."