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Updated Sunday 1st March 2020
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My family and I moved  to our 120 acre property near Inverell on the Northern Tablelands of NSW in 2003 and as we had more than the average backyard my partner Dave and I decided that it was time to increase our family with more of our beloved Border Collies. I have always owned and loved my Borders and the breed in general so it was a natural progression to become a registered breeder so that we could share our love of the breed and strive to produce quality pups that are of sound type and quieter style temperaments for other families to love as we do.

In 2015 we decided to come closer to our family in Sydney and Newcastle so have now moved in April 2016
to a smaller 8 acres on Mitchell's Island near Taree in NSW. Our adored dogs now also have
the Manning River and beach to play in. Life is good.
We started with our handsome boy Woody as our first stud male and our beautiful girl Jazz
(Both now over the Rainbow Bridge) and were delighted at the gorgeous pups they produced.
We now have our girls Candy, Evie, Kona, Ziggy and Cali and our boys Ember and Ace.
 From our Fur Family we can produce puppies in the following colours - Black/White, Chocolate/White, Black/White Tri's, Chocolate/White Tri's, Red/White, the occasional Blue/White, and Chocolate Merles.
Our Borders are very much loved and spoilt members of our family and we pride ourselves
on their family orientated temperaments.
We are very committed to our dogs and puppies and are always available for ongoing support
and advice to our families after they receive their puppy.
All my Borders have been DNA profiled and are clear  for CL, CEA, TNS and MDR1 to ensure that
no puppy from us will ever be able to have any of these inheritable diseases.
We personally deliver pups at 8 weeks to Newcastle, Central Coast & Sydney
as this gives us the wonderful opportunity to meet our puppies new families.  
We are also able to transport pups to other locations on request.

Why do Border Collies make such great pets?
Border Collies were originally bred for herding but have evolved over the years to be a
highly versatile breed and are often found now in family environments in suburban backyards
as wonderful companions and loved family members.
Border Collies make great companions because they are loving, loyal and extremely smart.They are great with all ages, including children and get along well with other animals.  They enjoy interacting with their owners, whether it is on a walk, playtime, or just sharing a cuddle.  They are a dog you can take wherever you go and their intelligent nature makes them learn very quickly and they are always eager to please you.  They are affectionate, caring, sensitive dogs that develop close bonds with their owners.

Border Collies need & thrive on brain stimulation which does not mean loads of exercise…
They love being with the family & hence make wonderful house dogs..
Left to their own devices unsupervised for long periods of time can lead to boredom related issues. 
They don’t do well being left alone & bored in a yard day in day out…
As young puppies they do require careful management to ensure they
don’t develop unwanted behaviours…
The first 16 weeks of their life is a very important time for
imprinting within their temperament.
Border Collies have the most affectionate and interesting personalities, and if you want your dog to really love and respect you, you have to give them the same love and respect that you would expect from your Border Collie. If you can do that, then you and your dog will more than likely become the best of friends. 

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend, but a Border Collie can be so much more than just your friend or pet. Border Collies are a breed of dog like no other, and if you treat your Border Collie with the proper care, respect, love, and attention then they can truly become one of your closest life companions and really show you what the term "man's best friend " really means

For enquiries please phone us as we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Sharlene & Dave
0428 252 121