Yes the Border Collie Fun Day is on again!!!!!
We will be there on 2nd April 2017 at Dog arena Castle Hill Showground in our usual spot.
Hope to see you all there. Cant wait to catch up with our Asterby families xxxx
Please give me a ring if you are not sure where to find us on the day

16th September 2016

Due to Dave's health we have decided to cut down on our Breeding program and concentrate on enjoying our semi retirement with the dogs we now have. So we may only have a few more litters. Please see our "Planned litters" tab for our future plans.


I  am devastated to write that  suddenly 2 weeks ago our beautiful Meka passed over to the Rainbow Bridge. I have no words. I do agree with words that someone wrote to us about her passing  "I really dont understand the universe sometimes" Thanks Laura for that.....
Meka w
e love you and miss you terribly.


Yay the Border Collie Fun Day is on again this year and we are going to be there again. Its on 6th July 2014 at Castle Hill Showgrounds and should be another great day as last year was. Hope to see you there !!!!!!!     Last year we took Kale and Lulu and hope to bring Woody and ????( not sure yet) this year.


RIP Our beautiful Sammy 14/12/2002 to 6/9/2013 you will always be the Best Friend we have had in our lives and already miss you terribly. Without Sammy, Asterby Border Collies would have never been started and we would not have so many beautiful Fur Families and puppies/dogs in our lives so Sammy we will always be reminded of how much you brought into our lives and will continue to do from over the Rainbow Bridge. RIP my beautiful girl.



We attended the Border Collie Fun Day which was held in Castle Hill on 27th April 2013 and what an amazing day it was. We had 11 'Asterby" dogs there and took part in the World Record attempt for the most dogs unattended in a photo.

Previous record I believe was 101 dogs ....

Well the record was well and truly smashed by 503 beautiful and perfectly behaved Border Collies

We were lucky to have the official Photographer Ffire photography take some pics of the "Asterby" family that attended which can be seen on her website along with the Official photo of 503  ...   ffirephotography.com





We now have a Facebook Page

Asterby Border Collies

please like this page to see updates and information from us,
other breeders & our Asterby Fur Family

Our facebook page has already become quite popular and is an easy way for
you to put up pics of your Fur Family
We love to see your pics !!!!!



There have been tears of sadness and lots of happy memories too from the last 12 months while I am finally updating our website and returning emails about our dogs. Thanks everyone for reminding me what a privilege and joy it is to be able to do what we do.

This last year has been very sad losing 2 of our precious dogs tragically but there has also been an amazing amount of love and blessings sent our way. We also have received lots of happy emails and phone calls from many of our Asterby Fur Families and I can say that I am really looking forward to the New Year with more Asterby puppies and families to meet and love. ....And lots of puppies, dogs and fur families to catch up with and Puppy Reunion in the New Year to organise.

Sadly in February 2012 we lost our beautiful Kelly to a snakebite. We live on 120 acres so snakes are always around but have been safe from them until now.
Vonney who was Kellys best mate and cousin fretted badly for her friend and suffered from Kidney Failure soon after losing Kelly. Vonney battled this disease until September when we and our Vet finally thought she was getting better. Tragically in October we lost her too.   RIP my beautiful girls -  We miss you.

On a happier note we have now been amazingly lucky to be able to get Vonney and Kellys niece who we have named "Meka". She is an absolutely gorgeous Chocolate girl and such a joy to be with... Not to mention very spoilt.