Frankie goes to Bondi

This page is a ongoing story of one of our pups Frankie.

This page will be updated regularly with information on Frankie and how she is developing and how she lives her life with her new family.

Bella and Woodys pups arrived on Saturday 3rd December 2011. Bella had five girls and one boy. All pups except for one Black/White girl were sold off our Waiting List soon after they were born.
All families then named their pups. There was Apple- Black/White girl, Lexi- Black/White girl, Asha-Blue/White girl, Molly- Red/White girl and Thor-Red/white boy.
The only pup not sold was a Black/White female with a Spot on her head, so we nicknamed her Spot.
When the pups were just over one week old I received an email enquiry from Rick enquiring about our pups. I emailed him back letting him know that one female was still available in this litter.
Rick replied and told us a little about himself and why he was looking for a companion telling me
I am semi retired owning a yoga /meditation school for the last 10 years ,,,
I still teach 1 class a day (couple of hours) as well as running my school
My main want from my dog is as a companion ' i see her being with me 24/7
and being a much loved member of my school and community
even though living in sydney I am surrounded by parks and have 'dog friendly parts of the beach ' on my doorstep ,,
I always had dogs as a child ' though this is my first for a while
naturally ' I would do the road trip to pick her up
regards rick xx
ps : generally why would people pick others before another ( eg ' she's the last one! ) xxx thank you

My initial reply to Rick and then later phone call explained that as our pups all have quieter style family orientated temperaments that it is just a preference for markings and color that  families pick from and that Spot has classic markings but just not a full collar on one side. I also explained that we have a waiting list and that the other pups were sold from that when born.

Rick them replied that he would love to take Spot and that her name was now Frankie...........

Rick and his family  - both at home and at his Yoga school eagerly watched for the weekly photos of Frankie growing up with anticipation over the next 6 weeks until finally the week came for them to collect Frankie at 8 weeks and the weekly photo was with them  - her new family.

31/1/12   Hello Sharlene, Lele here. Just a little email to say we are all home safe and sound. Frankie was an angel the whole drive, we were both very surprised by how chilled she was, she slept most of the journey. She seems to like her new home. She has snuggled into her new soft bed and is rolling on her back making funny puppy sounds as I type after wandering around and checking out her new pad, we think she may like this new bed to rest up for the night:) We will send you some photos over soon too, thank you again for your time and care for the beautiful Frankie x

1/3/12   She is so good ' slept till 4pm ( I didn't sleep a wink' fretting) x

2/2/12  We all slept great last night 9 - 5am ,
frankie seems intrigued by the ocean and the surfers '
she is eating with great appetite and wee'ing n poo'ing with gusto ( nicely formed )
We go to the vet on saturday 11am
xx rick

4/2/12   All good @ the vet today'
Weight 5kg
X rick

11/2/12   Here is ' miss bondi frankie ' she is soo amazing x
I took her to my yoga class whilst I taught this morning .
she was just incredible , so smart '
she sat next to me at the front of the class ( 34 students )
then lay down and slept for 1 1/2 hr while we all practiced
even chanting loudly to end class ,, her ears merely pricked up ...
such a beautiful pup everyone loves .
I ve her now on a base of organic brown rice , pumpkin,
sweet potato, silver beet ,/ veggies , + roo/beef meat ..
xxxx rick



21/2/12   Un-believeable ' straight in ,, no fear ' swims couple of laps of the kiddies ocean pool xxx " go girl " xxx

28/2/12   Franks fav cool sleep place x

1/3/12   Local bondi collie shanti also has a yoga teacher owner xx

3/3/12   Whilst out walking around Bondi ' many people seem to stop us and ask if we have a yard or garden? " TOTALLY " is my answer ,,,, WE'RE STANDING IN IT ! "

In Actual fact myself and Frankie live ( sleep ) in a 60 sqm apartment , no yard , no balcony - but a nice ocean view !
Franks has yet to see dolphins and whales , but as she likes, upon waking, to look out of the window , it is only a matter of time .

Since the day I bought Frankie home she has been so perfect in every way .
she never barks - maybe a little yap now n again before giving me a big lick '
Toilet trained on newspaper 95% of the time ,, odd mistake here and there - I try to tell her the rugs are expensive , from persia no less ! I receive another lick .
Franks is a very happy , healthy , contented puppy
maybe because She is NEVER locked up and left ALONE .
maybe because she socialises everyday with every other kind of dog imaginable ' sometimes 10 - 20 a day .
maybe because everyone from babies, children to old diggers to super models get to hug + belly rub her daily .
maybe just cause she absolutely knows we all love her sooo much

So as one can see ' its not how big ones house , farm , apartment , yard is' that actually matters ...
xxx rick n frankie

10/3/12  Lifes all good here at bondi '

17/3/12   Frankie and a few saturday morning locals xx
@ 14 weeks and 8.3 kg x
photos taken this morning after an early morning swim ' now a little sun dried x
had another 2 frankie fan's take your web-site details today x

Hope miss vonnie is feeling well again xx rick n franks

2/4/12   Frankie @ 17weeks n 10kg n gorgeous as ever xx